Short Introduction About Us

AEROTON is a Singapore Company, we have sales offices in Malaysia, Philippine, Indonesia, UAE (Dubai) & Manufacturing Partner in China.
We have TWO Business Units:
- Marine BU
- Semiconductor BU
We have group of technical experts in various sales offices to Provide fast response support to our customers
We listen and respond to your needs and wants. Our strength is our effective communication skill and technical know how.
Ship Building BU


Marine BU
AEROTON Marine Business unit Joint partner with local Chinese Ship builder construct various type of Vessel.We construct low end vessel from Tug Boat, Landing Craft Transport and Barge to high end oil , container tanker and dredger.

PCB Contract Mfg BU

Semiconductor BU
AEROTON Semiconductor Business unit >> We specialise in Equipment Design, Chemical Formulation and Raw Materials Reprersentation in China/SEA, such as plating equipment, Etching equipment, Leadframe, Substrate, PCB, Cooper Foils, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Resist Coater, IR/UV/Convection reflow ovens, and pre & post plating chemical.

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