AERO-FY High Precision Vacuum Metal Etching Machine

Device Function

  • Transfer speed:0.1-8.0M/MIN
  • Substrate specification
    • 650X650mm(max)
    • 200X200mm(min)
    • 0.01-3.2mm (Thick)
  • Processing capacity
    • 6-15L/min


Introduction to equipment features

1. The etching is evenly good and can reach more than 99%. The spray disc adopts an integrated design, the nozzle is positioned accurately, and the error is <0.2%.

2. The nozzles all adopt German imported nozzles, long service life, high temperature resistance, multi-stage filtration for effective solution to plug nozzles, filtration effect ≥98%.

3. The etching nozzle adopts independent adjustment pressure design, which can be adjusted according to the working requirements, ensuring better uniformity of pressure regulation and guaranteeing the production of high-precision products.

4. It adopts vacuum technology design and is equipped with a self-developed acid etching adding system to control the parameters of the medicine more precisely. 

5. With standard safety features such as overtemp protection, low level detection, fume exhaust, leakage, and etc. 

We offer the flexibility to tailor other specifications according to the unique needs of our clients. Please contact us for further discussion.