AERO-FY Rewinding Etching and Retreating Machine SES

Device Function

  • Transfer speed:0.1-8.0M/MIN
  • Substrate specification
    • 610X610mm(max)
    • 220X220mm(min)
    • 0.04-3.2mm (Thick)
  • Processing capacity
    • 6-18L/min


Introduction to equipment features

1. Working capacity can reach 260,000 square meters.

2. The fuselage has good sealing and good stability. 

3. Exhaust gas emission has a specially designed condensing mechanism to meet emission requirements and be more environmentally friendly. 

4. The swinging nozzle is made of Taiwan imported pipe. 

We offer the flexibility to tailor other specifications according to the unique needs of our clients. Please contact us for further discussion.