AERO-FY Six Brush Grinding Machine

Device Function

  • Transfer speed:0.1-8.0M/MIN
  • Substrate specification
    • 660X660mm(max)
    • 200X200mm(min)
    • 0.3-3.2mm (Thick)
  • Processing capacity
    • 6-12L/min


Introduction to equipment features

1. The grinding plate section adopts a new design, the structure is firm and durable, and the service life is long.

2. The swing adopts independent slider design, the swing is stable and reliable, and it can work alone.

3. Membrane brush, steel pressure boring is easy to disassemble design, maintenance is convenient and fast.

4. The current meter uses a high-precision 4-position ammeter with high precision and accurate range.

5. It is convenient and quick to use the hand wheel to test the brush.

6. The high-pressure washing section is equipped with automatic cooling system and reasonable cooling design to achieve good grinding effect.


We offer the flexibility to tailor other specifications according to the unique needs of our clients. Please contact us for further discussion.