AERO-AK Fifteen-Cylinder Semi-Automatic Mobile Phone Glass, Mobile Phone Cover, and Optical Lens Cleaning Machine

  • All cleaning cylinders are made of SUS304 stainless steel.
  • The main cleaning cylinder can be configured with 2-3 circulating cleaning liquid tanks based on customer requirements.
  • Configured with 3-4 stages of ultra-pure water rinsing tanks.
  • Utilizes single-sided and four-sided sawtooth overflow methods to discharge floating impurities.
  • Adopts rapid descent and slow ascent for adjustable speed during the rise, facilitating fast dehydration.
  • Depending on the different cleaning requirements of the products, 1-2 internal circulation infrared heating and drying tanks can be configured.
  • Configured with an oscillating device for quick and efficient dirt removal, based on different cleaning requirements.
  • Independent inlet and drainage valves are provided.