AERO-AK Fifteen-Tank Fully Automatic Mobile Glass, Mobile Phone Cover, and Optical Lens Cleaning Machine

  • Suitable for cleaning and drying touch screens, optical filters, LCD glass, and various precision optical glasses.
  • Depending on the process requirements, it can be equipped with ultrasonic systems in various frequency ranges.
  • Intelligent articulated robotic arm for precise positioning and stable operation.
  • The entire machine is controlled by PLC and a touchscreen, allowing monitoring and adjustment of process parameters according to production needs.
  • Equipped with a dual-sided throwing system for uniform cleaning and better results.
  • Pneumatic material conveying system to prevent secondary contamination effectively.
  • Features an FFU efficient filtration system to ensure a clean working environment.
  • Incorporates a unique overflow device and heat exchanger for energy savings and emission reduction.
  • High degree of automation, suitable for continuous large-scale production with stable cleaning quality.