AERO-AK Fully Automatic Hydrocarbon Ultrasonic Vacuum Cleaning Machine

Fully Automatic Hydrocarbon Ultrasonic Vacuum Cleaning Machine
  • Suitable for cleaning and drying precision porous (blind-hole) parts.
  • Human-machine interface with a PLC and touchscreen automatic control system.
  • Intelligent single-arm servo mechanical hand with precise positioning, offering multiple control program options.
  • Equipped with a combination of vacuum cleaning, vacuum rinsing, vacuum rinsing, and vacuum drying processes.
  • Vacuum System: The vacuum system removes air from the narrow gaps, blind holes, and small holes in the workpiece, allowing ultrasonic cleaning to take place without air, significantly improving cleaning efficiency.
  • Vacuum Cleaning and Drying System: In a vacuum state, the liquid temperature is higher than its boiling point, enhancing the cleaning capability. The cleaning liquid is rapidly extracted, and the workpiece is quickly dried in a vacuum state.
Bottle Cap Cleaning Machine

Bottle Cap Cleaning Machine