AERO-AK Fully Automatic Automotive Parts Cleaning Series

Fully Automatic Automotive Parts Cleaning Series
  • Designed for precise positioning cleaning and drying of precision porous (blind-hole) parts.
  • Utilizes StauBliTX200, high-precision waterproof robot imported from Switzerland.
  • Equipped with a combination of positioning high-pressure spraying, ultrasonic cleaning, wave surge cleaning, positioning air-knife drying, and vacuum drying processes.
  • High-pressure spraying is done in a precise positioning manner to address burrs, iron shavings, etc., inside blind holes.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning uses ultrasonic vibrations to remove oil, dirt, and burrs from product holes.
  • Wave surge cleaning involves vigorously surging a large amount of water within the tank to rinse away residual surface cleaning solution or debris.
  • The wind cutting drying is also done in a precise positioning manner, using high-pressure fans to blow away moisture from inside blind holes.
  • Vacuum drying involves transporting the product to a fully sealed tank, using a German-imported vacuum pump to remove air from the tank and product holes. Internal heating is employed for internal drying.