AERO-FY Black Hole Conductive Film Line

Device Function

  • Transfer speed:0.1-8.0M/MIN
  • Substrate specification
    • 630X640mm(max)
    • 210X210mm(min)
    • 0.06-3.2mm (Thick)
  • Processing capacity
    • 6-13L/min


Introduction to equipment features

1. Adopting soft rubber enamel imported from Taiwan, anti-corrosion can effectively overcome the surface printing. 

2. Imported ultrasonic generator and vibrator, stable performance. 

3. It can be heated by air and has a short heating time to save energy. 

4. The oxidation cylinder has a new design, which greatly saves the chemicals. 

We offer the flexibility to tailor other specifications according to the unique needs of our clients. Please contact us for further discussion.